Theme Cancer
Early diagnosis, select the most suitable therapy right away and improve its therapeutic effect – the key elements of the CTMM approach to fight cancer.
Theme Cardiovascular diseases
There are many forms of cardiovascular disease. Heart failure, a huge burden for mankind. Diabetes Mellitus 2, which affects heart and blood veins. Stroke and infarction: how to predict the risk of rupture of an individual plaque?
Theme Neurodegenerative diseases
Theme Infection and Immunity
Theme Translational Research and IT
All translational research projects in personalized medicine share the same basic design, irrespective of the disease area that they focus on.
Theme Personalized medicine
Every person is unique. Molecular diagnostics and imaging help to personalize treatments and therapies.
Theme Patient participation
New technologies are often developed by people with various backgrounds. However, a promising scientific result does not automatically lead to a successful application.
Theme Prevention
Health is the most valuable asset for individuals and for society. Many cases of illness could be avoided if current knowledge was adequately implemented. Prevention works, but health promotion alone is insufficient.