18 feb - Innovation for Health

Lygature verzorgt een eigen sessie: 'Driving partnerships from idea to success’ tijdens Innovation for Health.
Wanneer 18-02-2016
Waar WTC, Rotterdam
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Toonbeelden van innovaties voor de gezondheidszorg worden op de Conferentie Innovation for Health in de spotlight gezet voor ruim 800 aanwezigen. Vele vooraanstaande wetenschappers, ondernemers en leidinggevenden presenteren op dit inspirerende event innovatieve ontwikkelingen en grensoverschrijdende ideeën in de gezondheidszorg en life sciences.

Lygature is erbij. Tijdens de uitgebreide lunchpauze zullen wij een eigen sessie verzorgen van 13.30-14.00 uur, getiteld: 'Driving partnerships from idea to success'. Als relatie van Lygature kunnen we u een korting van 50 euro bieden op deelname. U kunt registreren op De vouchercode voor de korting is LYG20160218.

Per 1 januari 2016 zijn wij gefuseerd: CTMM + TI Pharma = Lygature

Output boekjes

In het Engels:

If you want to see what 300 million euros of public-private partnership funding can achieve, take a look at the new set of output booklets that have been prepared for the individual CTMM projects.

Scientific breakthroughs, new products, patents, start-up companies, research infrastructures, PhD theses and academic papers, it's all there in black and white - proof that together we have achieved something truly remarkable and placed the Netherlands in a world leading position for translational medical research.

AIRFORCE - personalized chemotherapy against lung cancer

BIOCHIP - Diagnosing leukemia sub-types

Breast CARE - Predicting therapy response in breast cancer patients

DeCoDe - Early diagnosis of colorectal cancer

HIFU-CHEM - More chemo where it should be

MUSIS - Check removal of tumor tissue during surgery

PCMM - Limit over-diagnosis and over-treatment in prostate cancer

VOLTA - Remove tumors through local heating

Circulating Cells - investigating white blood cells and platelets for discriminating patients with increased risk of developing unstable plaques

COHFAR - how to detect and stop ventricular fibrillation by applying a synchronized electrical impulse to heart muscle

Eminence - developing multiple diagnostic technologies to detect neovascularization and stratifying patients

INCOAG - developing a new set of tests to estimate the risk of thrombosis

Parisk - how to predict risk of rupture of an individual plaque

Predicct - focusing on early diagnoses and treatment of Diabetes DM2

Triumph - identifying biomarkers for cardiac failure

LeARN - finding an early diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

AmpVacs - a new vaccine technology platform in the combat against conserved influenza A determinants

MARS - tools to provide rapid and accurate information about an individual patient suffering from sepsis

TRACER - patient-tailored treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

TraIT - establishing an easy-to-access and easy-to-use infrastructure for sharing of research data, and set of tools for researchers to interact with and explore a unified translational medical research space

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